Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8 1.0

Boost your vice skills and take over the city by stealing cars and attacking others

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    Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8 takes all the excitement and action of the original game and transports it to your computer. You can now access all the features of this hit game without playing on a console.

Released in 2004, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8 looks as amazing today as it did during its initial release. The game features an open world environment that you can explore as you complete missions. Exploring that world will also help you uncover new missions and find hidden missions too. Your character can perform a number of different actions based on the buttons you press and the mission at hand.

Though not suitable for all audiences, this game takes place in the fictional world of San Andreas. It puts you in the shoes of CJ, a gang member living in California. After finding out that someone murdered his mother and having a bad encounter with the local police, CJ comes back to his hometown. He decides to stay in town to help his brother, reunite his old gang and take back their former territory.

Taking back those areas is harder than it looks though. There is a rival gang working in San Andreas, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure that their gang comes out on top. Part of the game is a third-person shooter game that provides you with a gun and sends you out on certain missions. Depending on where you are in the game, you may need to use other types of weapons or fight with your fists. You can make CJ fight in different ways based on the combination of buttons you press.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8 is also a nontraditional racing game. It includes more than 200 vehicles that you can steal and drive, but not all vehicles are cars. You can also race across the city on a bicycle, fly through the sky on a jetpack, take down enemies on a combine or even grab a commercial truck.

As you play the game, you'll come across certain missions and objectives that you need to complete. The game gives you the option of when to do those missions though and does not require that you follow any specific series of missions. You can explore the city to find missions that do not pertain to the overall story. Completing these missions will help you add to your income and change the traits of your character.

There are a number of things that you can do as you explore San Andreas. This game will let you take CJ into a restaurant for a quick bite to eat, interact with other characters in the game, and even destroy the people and objects around you. Keep in mind that breaking a window, destroying a vehicle or even punching a character will lead to the cops following you. The cops will respond quicker for more destructive actions. You need to quickly escape and evade the police to keep playing. As you gain a stronger reputation, you'll even have the FBI and SWAT on your tail.

Though you play as a bad guy, you have the opportunity to become even more of a villain. Side missions include pimping objectives that require you find a girl and put her to work on the streets. Burglary objectives ask that you steal from people on the street and even break into businesses.

Other missions will let you clean up your reputation and become more of a hero. You can fight street crime as a vigilante and save people in the game from other characters. Other missions ask that you drive a cab, pick up passengers and drop them at their destinations in the time allowed or that you stop fires from spreading through the city. Some missions even ask that you locate a vehicle and take wounder people to the hospital.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8 gives you a limited area to explore when you first launch the game. You'll come across buildings that you cannot enter and parts of the city that the game blocks off to you. Only after completing certain objectives will you unlock those areas. Unlocking those areas is important because this gives you access to mods that you can make to your vehicle, new missions and even new people.

You'll also want to check out the schools that are available in the game. These schools teach you the basics of using certain vehicles. The game comes with schools that teach you how to drive cars, ride bicycles and even use the jetpacks that you can find.

Gang wars is one of the more interesting modes of play. You must visit a gang territory and kill at least three members of that gang. The gang will then send more members after you. After you kill three sets, you become the new owner of that territory, which increases the amount of money you can make. As you take over more of this virtual world, you'll make more money that you can use for vehicle mods and other upgrades.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for Windows 8 even comes with mini games that let you play basketball, dance or bet on horse races. This version of the game lets you enjoy all the action of the franchise on any computer running Windows 8.


  • Offers hours of action and gameplay
  • Features some of your favorite actors as characters in the game
  • The developers updated the graphics for computers
  • Lots of missions enhance your gameplay
  • Includes elements of both racing games and third-person shooter games


  • Some missions are extremely hard and require that you try multiple times
  • Contains content that is not suitable for all ages
  • Learning how to use all the controls can take some time
  • Requires Windows 8 to use

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